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5 things you didn’t know about Bingo!

5 things you didn’t know about Bingo!

A lot of people thing that Bingo is a recent creation, but it actually originated a long time ago back in the 16th century in Italy where a similar version of the game called Giuoco De Lotto was played.
There are records of a similar game in France, where the name of the game was actually “Le Lotto” but at that point it was only played by wealthy people.
Later in history we can find another version of the game in Germany where it wasn’t precisely a gambling game but more of an educational game for the children, it made it easier for them to learn the numbers. This was happening back in the 1800s and it helped the children to get more familiar with mathematics.

A crucial moment in the history of the game happened when it was introduced to English speaking countries. Historians can trace this back to a man called Edwin Lowe who was a toy salesman.

While travelling he saw the game constantly being played at different locations specially carnivals. The game had a different game, people called it Beano. It was played with a handful of dried beans but the principle remained the same.

People enjoyed the game and seemed to be having a lot of fun, and Edwin saw the potential for this game to be introduced to his friends from New York. People were captivated by the game very fast! The name bingo according to some sources actually happened by error, when someone called the name Bingo instead of Beano.

Edwin Lowe later figured out a way to increase the fun of the game by creating a bigger number of combinations so a larger number of players could play. He got the help from Carl Leffer a math teacher from Columbia University. He created 6,000 different combinations of bingo cards.

It wasn’t long after that the popularity of the game exploded and spread all over the world.

The game of bingo was ever since the beginning one of the best way to raise funds for charity or for churches. The main reason why it was so popular is because right from the beginning the game was associated with doing good deeds by contributing a small amount of money to a good cause and the second major thing is that it is fun and it keeps you focused.

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You can find out more about Planet Bingo historic journey in the city on our history section.