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Power Player Parking

We have a small parking lot directly west of our building, offering convenient access (via a back door) to the main-level playing floor.

To park in this lot, YOU MUST have a valid Preferred Player Parking Pass displayed on your dashboard.

The Parking Pass is a benefit of being a Preferred Player Card holder. When applying for a Preferred Player Card, simply check the ‘yes’ box (on the application form) when asked if you need a Parking Pass, and fill-in the required vehicle descriptor information. Your pass will be available for pick-up along with your Preferred Player Card.

The lot is cooperatively supervised by the Royal Canadian Legion #177 and Planet Bingo, both of whom require use of a very small parking lot for a great number of respective patrons. The Parking Pass Program was initiated as a response to concerns from our customers that the lot was being used by persons who were neither patrons of the Legion nor Planet Bingo. With a concentration of retail, federal service buildings, a school, and several churches in the immediate vicinity, we felt that our valued customers were being squeezed out! The Parking Pass Program has, for the most part, resolved this issue. We can now confidently promise our players that our parking lot is reserved for them whilst they visit our hall.

The success of the program is not solely due to the issuing of Parking Passes themselves, but to vigorous enforcement. We have provided our players a pass enabling them to park in our lot, and ask only that it be displayed. In return, we actively monitor the parking lot and remove offending vehicles thereby releasing additional stalls to our customers.

We, as an operation, strive to ensure absolute fairness in all facets of our operations. We consider this arrangement to be the most beneficial and fair to our players.

Until your Parking Pass is ready, you’ll find that there is ample street parking available in the surrounding neighbourhood.