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Have Fun! Win Big!

Game Times

We are a continuous drop-in style bingo!  This means you can arrive at any time and start playing at whatever game we are on.  We play in Book-rounds that each last about an hour.  Each Book consists of 10 Regular Games and 3 Special Games!

We’re open 7 days a week!

We start selling at 2 PM on Monday’s & Tuesday’s for our first session that starts with the electronic-only BIG Bingo at 2:10 PM and then Book A at 2:20 PM. We finish at approximately 9:30 PM.

Every other day of the week we start selling at 1 PM. We play the electronic-only BIG Bingo at 1:30 followed 5 Early-Bird games at 1:45 PM. The regular session starts with Book A at 2:20 PM.

On Friday & Saturday nights we play two extra Books and finish with the Bonanza Special at approximately 11 PM.
If the Friday or Saturday is an ‘Hour of Power’ or ‘Solar Eclipse’ day, then we’ll just one extra Book and finish at approximately 11 PM.

To view and/or print our daily program, all you’ll need is the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free by clicking here.
Below are our daily bingo programs. Days that are a Solar Eclipse or Hour of Power have their own program!

Even Program (2.5MB PDF)

Odd Program (2.5MB PDF)

Solar Eclipse Even (2.5MB PDF)

Solar Eclipse Odd (2.5MB PDF)

Hour of Power Even Program (2.5MB PDF)

Hour of Power Odd Program (2.5MB PDF)